The band preview new LP 'All Is Dream' at the Camden Electric Ballroom show...

MERCURY REV have confirmed a one-off show at LONDON ELECTRIC BALLROOM on August 9.

The band will preview tracks from their forthcoming album ‘All Is Dream’, released through V2 on August 27.

A spokesperson said it will be the first time the songs will be aired in the UK, ahead of their Carling Weekend Reading and Leeds and Glasgow Gig On The Green performances. They added that the Electric Ballroom show would not be a full-length live performance.

The band’s live line-up will comprise core members, vocalist Jonathan Donahue, guitarist Grasshopper and Jeff Mercel on drums, who all wrote, performed and produced the album, plus Anthony Molina on keyboards, Paul Dillon on bass and Michael Schirmer on keyboards.

The band’s last UK tour proper was in spring 1999.

Tickets for the Electric Ballroom will be £9 and are available from the usual outlets from next Tuesday (July 10).