The follow-up to 'All Is Dream' could be with us sooner than you think...

MERCURY REV plan to start work on the follow-up to ‘ALL IS DREAM’ after their appearances at the CARLING WEEKEND FESTIVAL.

The band will come to the UK at the end of August to appear at the festival in Reading and Leeds.

Speaking to www.chartattack.com, drummer Jeff Mercel said that in the coming weeks the group will meet to discuss working on a new record.


“In the next few weeks we’ll formally sit and then we’ll go from there,” he said. “And then six months into the record a lot of things start coming out of nowhere that you had no idea were even in you — song ideas, melody ideas, that seem to come from very strange places. And usually, that’s the best of the stuff, when you’ve been really working together for a couple of months. It’s a different machine and it takes a little while to get it running correctly.”

He said that the band’s songwriting process means that while it may seem a long time between albums, new material is always being produced.

He continued: “It seems like a lot longer in between records to the outsider than it does to us. We’re kind of working in a… it’s not a vacuum, but we’re definitely removed from that sort of time frame when we’re making it. People are like ‘It’s been three years between ‘Deserters Songs’ and ‘All Is Dream”, and we’re like ‘Really? It seems like six weeks!’ So it’s very different for you and it is a long process. We question a lot and we have a lot of sleepless nights. We sit around a lot at home or in local bars mulling over ideas on a daily basis. We’re all kind of getting there, we know that the tour is coming to an end, but we know that the record is looming around the corner, so that’s a very good thing for us.”