The US rockers showcase their disparate influences on the flipside of 'The Dark Is Rising'...

Mercury Rev have confirmed details of a new single, ‘THE DARK IS RISING’ – and the bonus tracks contain a series of eclectic covers.

The track is the second to be lifted from the group’s current album ‘All Is

Dream’, and is released on January 14 via V2.

The track is backed by a number of live tracks recorded during their recent European tour, alongside a series of covers from a number of musicians across the ages including Frederic Chopin, Irving Berlin and Black Sabbath.

The formats are:

CD1 – ‘The Dark Is Rising’, ‘Nocturne in C# minor – Opus 27 No 1’

(Chopin), ‘Planet Caravan’ (Black Sabbath)

CD2 – ‘The Dark Is Rising’, ‘Spiders And Flies’ (live), ‘Blue Skies’ (Berlin)

DVD – ‘The Dark Is Rising’ (live at Reading Festival), ‘Prelude in E Flat

Minor – Opus 48 No 4′ (Chopin), ‘Tides Of The Moon’ (live)

The DVD also includes a picture gallery, and four 30 second video clips.