Metalcore band Ice Nine Kills launch perfect new merch range after Disney bans them for “violent imagery”

The band were deemed 'unsuitable' for a planned show at Disney's House Of Blues

American metal band Ice Nine Kills were recently banned from playing a show at Disney’s House of Blues venue at Disney World in Orlando Florida, and have responded by launching a limited edition range of anti-Disney merch.

The band were asked on Twitter about the removal of the date from their  current tour, and said that the company had dropped them from the show due to their ‘violent imagery’.


Responding to a fan on Twitter, the band said: “Disney’s House of Blues in Orlando banned us from performing because of our violent imagery. It’s a shame because I know I’ve seen Donald Duck at a show before, he’s an INK fan.”

Now, the band have taken their feud with the entertainment monolith a step further, by mashing up their most iconic characters with horror movie stalwarts such as A Nightmare On Elm Street and IT.

The merchandise, released as part of their ongoing ‘Nightmare On The Ninth’ series, where they release limited edition clothing on the ninth of every month, has already sold out, but you can see a couple of the designs below.

“As many of you know a certain mouse-loving enterprise has deemed us too “evil” to perform at a certain Orlando venue of theirs,” the band said. “Rather than protest, we are accepting this seemingly misguided assumption with great honor. To celebrate the banishment, we are dedicating our ‘Nightmare on the Ninth’ monthly special to the launch of,” the band said.

The band also payed homage iconic horror franchises on their most recent album ‘The Silver Scream’, which features tracks inspired by The Shining, Jaws, Saw and more.