Watch Metallica cover ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ at ice-hockey game

Band auction off their national anthem guitars for charity.

Metallica duo James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett have covered ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ before their ice-hockey team San Jose Sharks’ game against Pittsburgh Penguins.

Hetfield and Hammett played the American national anthem as part of the National Hockey League (NHL)’s Stanley Cup finals, the day after Carlos Santana covered the anthem before Golden State Warriors’ victory over Cleveland Cavaliers in the same tournament.

The Metallica pair wore Sharks jerseys for their rendition, while their amps sported Sharks logos in the same font as Metallica’s own logo. Hetfield had a Sharks sticker adorning his Flying V guitar. Hetfield and Hammett toured the Sharks’ dressing room to meet the team before the game, which the Penguins won 3-1.

Both the guitars are currently on display at the Sharks’ SAP Center stadium, and are being auctioned off on their website until June 15 to raise money for The Sharks Foundation, which raises money for poor families and children in the community. By 3:30pm on Tuesday, bidding had reached $10,000 for Hetfield’s guitar and $5,000 for Hammett’s.

Metallica have other sporting links in California. There is an annual Metallica day at San Francisco Giants baseball games, where the band often perform a short set before a match.

Metallica are expected to release a new album this year, their first since ‘Death Magnetic’ in 2008. Lars Ulrich told Rolling Stone in March the band were feeling like “We still have something left to prove”.