Metallica film new documentary footage in Shanghai

Lars Ulrich reveals new filming plan plus discusses piracy

Metallica have revealed they filmed new documentary footage during their recent trip to Shanghai and are currently planning how to release it to fans.

The metal titans played two gigs in the Chinese city, at the Mercedes-Benz Arena, on Tuesday and Wednesday (August 13 and 14) this week. Drummer Lars Ulrich explained that they hadn’t decided how they would release the footage yet, but said that they would try and make it “shareable and worth everybody’s while”.

With the band speaking at a press conference, Time Out Shanghaireports that Ulrich said: “Being here in this wonderful country and feeling the energy and excitement, the idea came up to celebrate it and to try to document it and to try to get the experience out. As you know, there are a lot of you [Shanghai fans] and there may be 20,000 of you who came to this arena… so we figured that if we filmed and shared the experience then maybe we could get to more of you and maybe there could be a next level relationship between Metallica and China that could last for decades.”

He added: “We’re excited about that and we think that there is something cool that will come out of it. Whatever that is, we’re not quite sure yet, but we’ll do our best to make it shareable and worth everybody’s while.”

The drummer, who has famously been vocal about his anti-copyright infringement stance, also spoke about how he was trying not to get worked up about the infamous copyright issues in China: “The one thing increasingly that we focus our energies on is trying to discern between what we can control and what we can’t control,” he said. “I’d rather FaceTime with my kids or do something else. That’s a whole separate conversation about Chinese copyright issues. You can’t control that so you just turn a blind side to it as best you can.”