Metallica bring ‘The Black Album’ to Download 2012

The metal veterans bring the second night to a close

Metallica played a two-hour set to a gigantic crowd at the end of the second day of Download 2012 tonight (June 9).

The band played their famous 1991 eponymous album, commonly known as ‘The Black Album’, in its entirety amongst numerous other well-known tracks.

The band, who were preceded by footage from a classic Clint Eastwood western and their favoured Ennio Moriccone soundtrack, kicked things off with ‘Hit The Lights’ from their debut album ‘Kill ‘Em All’, with drummer Lars Ulrich jumping out of his seat at every opportunity.

Before they launched into ‘The Black Album’, they played a selection of hits including ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ and ‘Master Of Puppets’, the latter of which saw James Hetfield leave some vocal duties to the huge crowd before wandering up to a raised part of the stage for the extended guitar solo.

The band then left the stage while VT footage was screened from throughout their career, incorporating old news reels and photos of the band over the years. They then returned to play the classic LP in full, with Hetfield – who was wearing a jacket with the name of Sunday night’s headliners, Black Sabbath, emblazoned on the back – paying tribute to “the Metallica family” before ‘My Friend Of Misery’ and asking the crowd how they were surviving “the typical Donington mud” during ‘Nothing Else Matters’.

They then finished their set with fireworks, balloon balls and a rendition of their early single ‘Seek And Destroy’.

Earlier in the day, Tenacious D played to the biggest crowd of the weekend so far. They opened with tracks from ‘Rise Of The Fenix’, unleashing a phallic inflatable phoenix. “Download 2012. This was on the bucket list before the world explodes,” frontman Jack Black declared. “I know this is tacky but this is the most incredible crowd,” he continued before taking a picture of the masses on his camera phone.

The band continued to play ‘Roadie’, ‘Kielbasa’ and ‘Tribute’ from the eponymous debut album and ‘Kickapoo’ and ‘The Metal’ from ‘The Pick Of Destiny’.

For Susan McGuinness, 28 from South London, it was a highlight of the weekend. “I was standing beside a red painted devil and a bloke in full diving gear, and it was hilarious,” she said. “They’re more metal than a fair few bands on the bill this weekend. I loved it when the inflatable cock shot out confetti spunk too.”

Earlier, Steel Panther were joined onstage by Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor for the former’s ‘Death To All But Metal’. The band’s drummer Stix Zadinia, who revealed that they had began trying to organise a collaboration with Taylor last June, said: “That, honestly, was a fucking mindblower when he came up, and we rocked. We were in mode, and then you add a little Corey Taylor spice to the Steel Panther soup, what do you have?”

Ginger from The Wildhearts, Trivium and Halestorm were among the other bands playing the bill.

Metallica played:

‘Hit The Lights’
‘Master Of Puppets’
‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’
‘To Hell And Back’
‘The Struggle Within’
‘My Friend Of Misery’
‘The God That Failed’
‘Of Wolf And Man’
‘Nothing Else Matters’
‘Through The Never’
‘Don’t Tread On Me’
‘Wherever I May Roam’
‘The Unforgiven’
‘Holier Than Thou’
‘Sad But True’
‘Enter Sandman’
‘Seek And Destroy’

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