Lou Reed: ‘Working with Metallica was like getting a Ferrari for free’

The former Velvet Underground man also reveals that he found recording 'Lulu' to be 'thrilling'

Lou Reed has described getting the opportunity to work with Metallica as like “getting a Ferrari for free”.

The former Velvet Underground singer collaborated with the metal titans on ‘Lulu’, an album based around German playwright Frank Wedekind’s 1913 play about the life of an abused dancer and despite muted reaction from both fans and critics alike, Reed has continued to talk up the album, calling it “thrilling”.

He told The Pulse Of The Radio about working with Metallica: “They’re into heavy metal, I’m into heavy guitar, so it was no big stretch. They were so ready to go, it was thrilling. It’s like someone gave you a Ferrari for free.”

Reed also spoke about the heavily improvised process of creating ‘Lulu’ and said that decisions about the album were made in a very democratic manner.

He said of this: “Nobody thought about anything. It was just a great opportunity to play together. I had a certain sound in my head that I wanted to try to get, and I got it. The way we did this is that if everybody didn’t agree, we didn’t do it. It wasn’t majority rules — it was all together or nothing.”

Metallica will play a headline slot at next summer’s Download Festival as well as a series of other large European shows, playing their fifth album, widely known as ‘The Black Album’, in its entirety.

The band’s manager Cliff Burnstein recently revealed that Metallica had brought their plans to tour Europe forward by a full year to coincide with the ongoing Euro crisis.