Metallica and Lou Reed confirm tracklisting for ‘Lulu’

There are 10 tracks in all, but some are very long indeed

Metallica and Lou Reed have confirmed the full tracklisting for their joint album ‘Lulu’.

The collaboration, which is based around German playwright Frank Wedekind‘s 1913 play about the life of an abused dancer, is due for release on October 31, with the North American release following a day later on November 1.

A number of the tracks are also set to extremely lengthy, with ‘Cheat On Me’ and ‘Dragon’ both over 11 minutes long, ‘Frustration’ and ‘Little Dog’ over eight minutes long and final track ‘Junior Dad’ a colossal 19 minutes and 28 seconds in all.


There is no word yet on whether any singles or videos will be released before the album or if the band intend to make any material available online prior to ‘Lulu’s formal release. You can see the album’s artwork by scrolling up to the top of the page.

Metallica are currently without a record label after completing their commitments to Elektra with recent album ‘Death Magnetic’.

The tracklisting for ‘Lulu’ is as follows:

‘Brandenburg Gate’
‘The View’
‘Pumping Blood’
‘Mistress Dread’
‘Iced Honey’
‘Cheat On Me’
‘Little Dog’
‘Junior Dad’