Metallica and Lou Reed reveal artwork for joint album ‘Lulu’

More song titles are also named for the collaborative effort

Metallica and Lou Reed have revealed the artwork for their joint album ‘Lulu’, scroll up to the top of the page to view the image.

The album, which is based around German playwright Frank Wedekind‘s 1913 play about the life of an abused dancer, is due for release on October 31, with the North American release following a day later on November 1.

Five song titles from the album have so far been named, with ‘Frustration’, ‘Pumping Blood’, ‘Little Dog’, ‘Mistress Dread’ and ‘Junior Dad’ all set to be part of the 10-track LP.

Metallica frontman James Hetfield spoke earlier in the week about how the project came together, revealing that ‘Lulu’ was originally set to be adapted by Reed for a musical, before he suggested to the band that they work together.

Hetfield said of ‘Lulu’:

We were very interested in working with Lou. I had these giant question marks: ‘What’s it going to be like?’ ‘What’s going to happen?’ So it was great when he sent us the lyrics for the Lulu body of work. It was something we could sink our teeth into. I could take off my singer and lyricist hat and concentrate on the music part. These were very potent lyrics, with a soundscape behind them for atmosphere. Lars and I sat there with an acoustic and let this blank canvas take us where it needed to go. It was a great gift, to be asked to stamp Metallica on it. And that’s what we did.