Former Ramones bassist C.J Ramone reveals he turned down the chance to join Metallica

Bassist says metal titans asked him not once, but twice to join the band

C.J Ramone, former bassist with the Ramones, has revealed that he was invited to join Metallica twice, but had to turn down the opportunity.

The bassist, whose real name is Christopher Ward, joined the seminal punk band in 1989 to replace longtime player Dee Dee Ramone before leaving again in 1996. He has now said that after he left the band, he was given the opportunity to join Metallica when their bassist Jason Newsted quit after a fallout with frontman James Hetfield.

Ward said he was “honoured” by the approach, but he could not join as his son had just been diagnosed with autism. The band eventually settled on former Suicidal Tendencies man Robert Trujilo [pictured right].

He told “I was approached about joining Metallica not once but twice. When Jason [Newsted] first left the band they approached me. A while had gone by and they were having a hard time finding someone so they approached me again. At the time my son had been diagnosed with Autism and there was just no way I could leave him.

Ward also said that the offer came about after his former bandmate Johnny tipped off Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett that he was available.

He added:

Johnny (Ramone) was actually the one who hooked me up with the audition because he was friends with Kirk Hammett. I talked to my son’s doctor and explained the opportunity and that I could bring my family out on the road and even hire a nurse. The doctor just told me that my son needed to wake up in the same place every day and that anything other than that could be a detriment. I was honoured that they asked me but there was just no way I could do it.

Ward said that he had no regrets about the decision, but admitted that playing in Metallica would have been fun.

He said: “I have no regrets. It would’ve been great to play with Metallica after being in the Ramones. Jesus, that would be just like a too perfect life.”

Metallica release ‘Lulu’, their collaboration album with Lou Reed, on October 31.