Metallica to lay down two-week ‘recording project’ in May

Kirk Hammett says band won't be recording a conventional album

Metallica plan to work on a new “recording project” in May – but not a conventional album.

Guitarist Kirk Hammett said that the metal behemoths were planning on getting the project wrapped up in a fortnight.

“We want to record it in two weeks,” he told Rolling Stone. “It’s not really 100 per cent a Metallica record. It’s more a recording project than a bona fide Metallica.”

Hammett added: “Whether or not we can pull it off in just two weeks remains to be seen.”

Last week (February 2) drummer Lars Ulrich said that the band would be entering the studio soon, with fans assuming that he was referring to sessions for the band’s 10th studio album.

“There’s a really good vibe in the band,” the drummer said. “We really want to get back to Metallica quickly because we are enjoying it so much right now.”