Metallica’s Lars Ulrich sued by former personal assistant

Aide wants money for overtime and unpaid bonuses

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is being sued by his former personal assistant over years of alleged unpaid overtime.

Steve Wig, who worked for Ulrich from 2001 to 2009, said the sticksman hasn’t properly paid him for the amount of overtime he worked. He also claimed the musician failed to provide him with bonuses they’d agreed upon.

According to California newspaper the Marin Independent Journal, Wig is seeking damages for alleged labour violations, breach of oral contract and continuing wages.

Wig is alleging that he worked up to 80 hours a week and was on call 24 hours a day. He is arguing that Ulrich failed to pay him bonuses in 2006 and 2008.

There is also a dispute over salary expectations, with Peter Paterno, acting as lawyer for the Metallica drummer, stating that Wig was paid $110,00 (£69,000) per year. Wig alleges it was only $45,000 (£28,000).

Paterno refuted the allegation of unpaid bonuses, adding: “Lars‘ accountant is checking on 2006, but Steve got bonuses in every other year of his employment, deserved or not. Specifically, in 2008, he received an extra $18,000 (£11,200). So it’s not clear what’s motivating this, but it really doesn’t seem to be about his compensation, does it?”

The case will be heard in Marin Superior Court on June 24.

Metallica announced last week that they will be entering the studio in March or April to record their 10th studio album.