Metallica to begin work on a new album in 2011

Drummer Lars Ulrich reveals the group will 'start writing again in March or April next year'

Metallica have revealed they will begin work on a new album in 2011.

Drummer Lars Ulrich admits the group “really want to begin writing” the follow-up to 2008’s ‘Death Magnetic’.

“There’s a bunch of balls in the air for 2011,” he told Pulse of Radio. “But I think the main one is we really want to get back to writing again. We haven’t really written since, what, 2006, 2007 and we want to get back to kind of just being creative again.”

“Right now we are going to just chill out and then probably start up again in, I’d say, March or April,” he continued. “And start probably putting the creative cap back on and start writing some songs.”

The drummer also explained that another tour with the ‘Big Four’ (featuring Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer and Megadeth) is also on the cards.

“The vibe on this thing is so big, we’d be stupid to ignore it,” he said. “You know on your iPhone, you can move the weather maps up and down? Well, the ‘Big Four’ is quickly moving up to the top in terms of potential occurrences for the next couple of years.”

As previously reported, Metallica along with the rest of the ‘Big Four’ recently released a live DVD called The Big Four Live From Sofia.