Metallica ‘haven’t lost sleep’ waiting for ‘Chinese Democracy’

Band also reveal they're addicted to 'health stuff'

Metallica have declared they are not waiting with bated breath for former touring partners’ Guns N’ Roses‘ long-awaited new album.

However,they will be giving ‘Chinese Democracy’ a listen and have even given frontman Axl Rose some praise.

Speaking to the Houston Chronicle Metallica frontman James Hetfield said: “I’ll certainly listen to it [‘Chinese Democracy’. But I haven’t lost sleep waiting for it.”

“I thought we took a long time to make an album,” joked the singer, “but you know he’s late for everything, so it makes total sense.”

Hetfield went on to say that Rose is an impressive performer.

He said: “He’s [Axl] a good frontman. He’s eccentric, but all artists are. If they don’t show that they’re quirky, they’re lying to you. They’re either pretending they’re not or they’re pretending they’re an artist.”

Hetfield also revealed that Metallica, who were famed for their excessive lifestyles in the past, now have new vices.

He said: “Instead of the booze and pills it’s the health stuff; we’re addicted to that.”