Metallica fan finally shaves beard after five-year album wait

Mick Cassidy vowed not to shave until 'Death Magnetic' came out

Metallica fan Mick Cassidy has finally shaved his beard after growing it for two years, following a vow he made based around his heroes’ release schedule.

Following the release of the band’s ‘St Anger’ album in 2003, Los Angeles resident Cassidy vowed in 2006 not to shave until his favourite band released another album.

It took Metallica another two years to release their next record, this month’s ‘Death Magnetic’, which hit the shelves in the US on Friday (September 12) and reached Number One in the UK and the band’s homeland.

Cassidy subsequently became an internet star as fans followed the progression of his beard.

It was eventually shaved off personally by Metallica‘s James Hetfield on the day of the album’s release.

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