New Metallica song available online

Band also debut new music video

Metallica have made another track from their forthcoming new album, ‘Death Magnetic’, available to listen to on the Metallica website.

The song, called ‘Cyanide’, is also available to buy now on iTunes.

The band have also posted the video to the first proper single from the album, ‘The Day That Never Comes’, on the site.

The video for the track shows soldiers travelling through the desert cut with shots of the band performing in the same landscape.

On the Metallica website the band said of the video: “We were honored to work with acclaimed film director and fellow Dane Thomas Vinterberg, as our goal with this song was to step outside of the usual every day music video box and into to the world of film.

“As you may have seen here earlier, we shot it outside of Los Angeles a month ago and we hope that you are as blown away by Thomas‘ vision as we are.”

Watch the video and listen to the new song at now.