Metallica continue working on new album

Band's recording process is 'unvarying'

Metallica are still hard at work recording their new album.

Posting on, the band say they are deep in the process of making their ninth studio album.

They explained: “The big update is… that there is nothing new to report. Things are, as you would call it, status quo, consistent, constant, invariable, unaltered, unchanged, unfailing, uniform, unvarying.

“Pretty much what we are trying to say is: work is continuing and all is good in the Metallica hood. As soon as we do have something new to report, you will be the first to know, of course! Ok, enough of this chit chat… back to work!”

The band have not released a new album since 2003’s ’St. Anger’.

Their new studio album is expected early next year.