Dispute over ‘Metallica’ baby

Family in trouble with Swedish authories

A Swedish couple are locked in a dispute with authorities over naming their daughter Metallica.

Tax officials are understood the have objected to Michael and Krolina Tomaro’s name choice for their six-month-old-girl, deeming it inappropriate.

As previously reported the couple checked twice with the Swedish tax agency Skatteverket if the name was acceptable and were told that it shouldn’t be a problem, as there was a girl already called Metallica in Sweden.

The law in Sweden insists that parents must get approval of both first and second names officially in a bid to avoid what they consider offensive or unsuitable choices.

Karolina Tomaro said: “We had to cancels trips and can’t get anywhere because we can’t get her a passport without an approved name.”

Tax authorities are understood to have blocked the application and referred it to a higher court, reports BBC News.