Metallica is a girl’s name

It is official according to the Swedish authorities

Parents in Sweden have been given the go ahead to name their seven-month-old baby daughter Metallica.

The girl’s parents wanted to give their daughters a name that combined their first names. They picked Metallica and after checking twice with the Swedish tax agency Skatteverket if the name was acceptable, they were told that it shouldn’t be a problem, as there was a girl already called Metallica in Sweden.

When they filed Metallica as one of girl’s three first names the tax agency objected, claming that it was inappropriate because a it was the name of the band and the fact it was too close to the word “metal”.

The parents appealed to the district court, which ruled that the use of the name wouldn’t pose any problems for either the girl or anyone she comes into contact with.

One member of the jury objected to the ruling, suggesting the name probably would cause discomfort to the person who bears it, Swedish paper GP reports.