Metallica to tour next year

'It's time to come back,' says drummer Lars Ulrich

Metallica have revealed that they will be embarking on an extensive tour next year, in support of their upcoming new album ‘Hardwired…To Self Destruct’.

Set for release on November 18, the new album is said to feature nearly 80 minutes of new music. Speaking to Rolling Stone, the band confirmed that they will be touring the new album, looking to start the shows in January.

“We did 180 shows on the Death Magnetic tour in two-week periods over three years,” drummer Lars Ulrich told Rolling Stone. “That’s what works for us. We’re going to start pretty much full-on touring in January and are looking to figure out what we’re doing in North America, but there will definitely be some pretty extensive touring in America.”


The band haven’t had any extended period of time off the road for over a decade but are yet to embark on an extensive American tour since 2009. “It’s time to come back,” continued Ulrich, “and do some proper penetration of America.”

The drummer continued to explain that the band are “itching” to play the new songs from ‘Hardwired…To Self Destruct’, saying that when they get to the tuning room every day they just play these new tracks. “Then we’re like, ‘Wait, we gotta get out there and play ‘Master Of Puppets’,” he said.

Hinting at the songs expected on the tour, Ulrich continued. “I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun to throw many of these [new] songs in, but we’ll change the setlist every night like we always do.”