Yes, you read that correctly...

METALLICA are launching a download site to give fans a chance to buy unedited soundboard recordings from their current North American tour.

Kicking off tonight in Phoenix’s America West Arena (March 2), the jaunt will see the audio files up on the web and ready for sale approximately four days later from [url=]

Drummer Lars Ulrich said: “This is the next logical step in a process that began back in 1991 when we first implemented the ‘Taper Section’ at our shows, where the fans were encouraged to bring in their own gear to record the show, and then take home their very own ‘bootleg’ of the concert they had just seen.”

In a statement, he continued: “This technology will enable our fans to get the best possible recording of the show, without having to hold a microphone in the air for the entire night!”

The music will be available in MP3 format for $9.95 or FLAC files ($12.95). Each show will also come with a printable booklet and labels for fans who want to burn the CD.

Metallica are promising that they will be featuring tracks not played live for years during the tour, as well as changing the setlist every night.