Metallica: Lars Ulrich speaks!

The drummer finally admits the truth behind Download no-show

Lars Ulrich has finally made it to the Download festival, and finally admitted the truth behind his no-show two years ago.

The Metallica drummer – who headlines the Donington site tonight (June 10) – had to miss the same date in 2004 after being hospitalised with a mysterious ‘medical emergency’.

He was replaced by Joey Jordison of Slipknot and Slayer’s Dave Lombardo.


Now, talking to NME.COM before the performance, he has revealed the terrible truthl! Ulrich said: “Somebody asked me if it was true that my wife caught me with two prostitutes and an 8ball (of cocaine). But that’s actually not what happened.

“What happened was I caught my wife with two prostitutes and an 8ball. And she wouldn’t fucking let me join them! I got all hot and bothered and I didn’t make it.”

Tonight will be Metallica’s seventh appearance at Donington, and Ulrich says he is still as thrilled as ever.

“This is ground zero, he said. “This is the shit, its the place you want to be if you’re in a rock band. This is the only show I get nervous for. I got fucking terrified. I’ll have to take a Xanax or something!”

Metallica are expected to play classic album ‘Master Of Puppets’ in its entirety, as they have been in Europe this past week. Ulrich also hinted that they may play some all-new material tonight.

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