Metallica launch limited edition Budweiser beer

91,000 cans will be sold to mark the opening of a major new performance venue in Quebec

Metallica have launched a limited edition can of Budweiser beer.

The black beer cans emblazoned with the Metallica logo are being sold at Metallica’s two shows in Quebec this week. As reported by Fact, only 91,000 cans will be sold.

The limited edition beer is being produced to celebrate the opening of Centre Vidéotron, a major new performance venue in Quebec. On Monday (Sep 14) Metallica played Quebec’s ‘old coliseum’ Colisée Pepsi. Tonight (Sep 16) they move to the city’s new venue. Fans were promised different set lists for each show in the city and the addition of 360 degree staging for the Centre Vidéotron concert.


A representative for Labatt Brewing, the company who brew Budweiser in Canada, commented: “We are very pleased that the guys in Metallica are participating in this unique partnership that marks the history of the Centre Vidéotron.”

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett recently spoke about the follow up to 2008’s ‘Death Magnetic’ album, commenting on the difficulty in getting the band all in the same room as their lives change.

Speaking to Las Vegas radio station Komp 92.3, Hammett went into detail on the benefits of not being bound by a particular schedule, but also talked about how there are far more difficulties making progress with recordings these days then there might have been in the past.

“We’re just ploughing away at it and working on it every day, and we’re gearing up to actually record some of it now,” Hammett told the station. “It’s still so early in the process. You know, these songs we’re recording, they might be on the album, they might not be on the album. It’s just one of those things where we’re just trying to negotiate through all the material and just figure out what the best way to move forward is.”

“A lot of it has to do with the fact that life takes over for us. We all have families, and we all have the band, and we all have other things in our lives, and it’s just difficult scheduling all four of us in a room,” the guitarist added.