Kirk Hammett appears on the debut album from Jason Newsted's new band Echobrain...

Ex-METALLICA bassist JASON NEWSTED has revealed that former bandmate guitarist KIRK HAMMETT appears on the debut album from his new band, ECHOBRAIN.

And he has also spoken about the depression that he endured prior to taking the decision to leave Metallica in mid-January, and suggested that Alice In Chains bassist Mike Inez, who has also played with Ozzy Osbourne, could be a suitable replacement for him in the band’s line-up.

He said: “It has to be someone who they already know…that is very capable. Joey Vera [from Armored Saint] and Mike Inez make quite a bit of sense.”

Newsted, speaking to US rock radio station KNAC last week, said that while he hasn’t seen his ex-bandmates since February, he remains on good terms with them.

“It was certainly not an easy thing to do by any means. It was something that was a long time coming. Overall the respect level for different things was always in question and I felt kind of weird about it. I was able to do what I wanted with Metallica as far as the performing thing but perhaps with the musical thing I needed to stretch out a little more.”

But he added: “I took part in a 14-going-on-15-year phase of the band and I have no regrets about any of that and there are no bad feelings towards any of those guys.

“There certainly was a depression time, really getting cut off at the knees. Everything I did and had revolved around being on call for Metallica at all times and ready to do whatever it took to take it to the people and do whatever. I didn’t do anything else in my life that I couldn’t put aside for [the band] and it remained that way until the very last day.”

He added that in 14 years touring with the band, he has done “serious physical damage” to his spine, and won’t be repeating the touring process with EchoBrain. “If you watch a few Metallica videos, that windmill thing for 10 or 15 years in a row with the heavy basses….I worked it and worked it and I was crazy and I played in pain and that’s not fair. If I can’t do the 100% that people know me for, then I’m not interested in doing it. I want people to remember me for that for always.”

Giving tracks from the EchoBrain album their first airing, he said that the album also features Faith No More guitarist Jim Martin, and members of San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, who have collaborated with Metallica both live and on their ‘S&M’ album.

Hammett plays on a track called ‘Suckerpunch’.

Newsted is joined on a full-time basis in trio EchoBrain are Brian Sagrafina on drums and Dylan Dawkin on vocals and guitar.

Newsted described it as “a musical record, not a heavy metal record, and revealed that the album was recorded in one month and mixed in one month, and the trio have enough material for two further releases.