James Hetfield is now "feeling rather good about life"...

Metallica frontman JAMES HETFIELD is out of rehab.

Earlier this year, the group postponed recording their new album while Hetfield entered a rehabilitation facility for “alcoholism and other addictions”.

Now, a posting on the group’s official website, www.metallica.com, reveals that Hetfield has come through the rehabilitation program and is “feeling rather good about life”.

He commented: “My rough road has become smoother reading the show of support from the friends I’ve met through [a][/a]. Thank you. They move me deeply.

“My music and lyrics have always been therapy for me. Without this God-given gift I don’t know where I’d be. And now I TRULY feel the impact and connection it’s made with others.”

The band had been working on new material over as a three-piece, following the departure of bassist Jason Newsted after 14 years. Work is expected to resume in the New Year.