The band admit they're taking their time before deciding on a new recruit...

METALLICA have been “trying out” new bassists – but are taking their time so they recruit the right person for the job.

As previously reported, the group are in the process of whittling down the 30 tracks they are working on for their new album to between ten and 20 for the finished tracklisting. The group are working in their studios in California.

In a recent video message to fans on the group’s official website, [url=], the band revealed that the next few weeks will be spent working with different bassists, but they won’t reveal who they are working with until the decision has been made.


Lars Ulrich said: “We want someone that we can be proud to say to the fans and the rest of the universe that this guy is in Metallica, he is a brother, and he is part of the team”.

Metallica have been without a bassist since the departure of Jason Newsted, who left last year, citing “private and personal reasons, and the physical damage I have done to myself over the years while I have been playing the music that I love”.

Their new album, currently untitled, will be released next year.

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