MHT Luxury Alloys have produced a wheel called the 'Metallica'...

METALLICA are reported to be threatening legal action against an American automotive company, after they produced a wheel bearing the ‘METALLICA’ name.

According to MTV news in the US, the band make their own car products, and are threatening action against the Californian company MHT Luxury Alloys, who produced a wheel called the ‘Metallica’.

Metallica‘s lawyer Jill Pietrini said: “We’ve already expanded into the automotive industry by selling ‘Metallica’ tyre wheel covers. Part of our natural expansion (includes selling wheels), and they’re trying to usurp the market, which isn’t right.”

However, representatives of MHT claim to have no knowledge of the band. Sales manager Steve Anderson commented: “My boss is 48 years old and doesn’t know much about the music industry. The wheels were metal, so he called it the ‘Metallica’. That’s all there was to it.”

The company are reported to have been asked to recall all the ‘Metallica’ wheels from its customers, of face further legal action.

A UK spokesperson for the group was unable to confirm the action.

As previously reported on NME.COM, the band have taken legal action for breach of copyright on their name in the past. The group threatened action against perfume company Guerlain, who launched a perfume called ‘Metallica’. The band’s attorney said at the time they were concerned fans would assume the perfume was in some way related to or endorsed by the band.