Two film-makers have been given almost unlimted access since last April...

Metallica have employed two filmmakers to document the “amazing changes” the group are going through during the recording of their new album.

Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky have been given almost unlimited access to the group since April last year, when the band started working on their new album.

Speaking to the official Metallica website,, Sinofsky explained what the film entails. He said the pair approached the band five years ago, but only now is the project approaching fruition.

He commented: “They weren’t ready to be completely open back then. They said when they were ready they’d come to us, and they have. And Joe and I are extremely excited. It’s looking very intimate, very personal and I think it will excite the band too. Joe said early on that if we were going to make a film we wanted to know we were going to get access. If we look at one of our films and realise that other people could’ve got it, then we’ve failed.”

During the time filming, mainman James Hetfield has been undergoing treatment for alcoholism.

Sinofsky continued: “Joe and I have dealt with some really difficult subject matter. You don’t wish bad news on anyone, but it unquestionably makes for drama and you’re there to capture it. So the band going through some flux and some growing pains is the kind of material a filmmaker prays for. Of course, on a personal level you don’t want people to go through their tortures and dealing with their demons, but ultimately for the Metallica fan, they will see things they’ve never seen before. And to quote Joe, ‘I think right now we hit upon an amazingly important band going through some amazing changes’.”

A new album is expected towards the end of this year or the start of 2003.