"I would record and play with those guys whenever the time came if that's what they felt like doing"...

JASON NEWSTED has said he would happily work with METALLICA again in the future, despite walking out on the group.

Newsted left Metallica earlier this year, citing “private and personal reasons, and the physical damage I have done to myself over the years while playing the music that I love” as the major reasons for his departure.

Now, speaking to MTV news, the bassist said that if the remaining members of the group approached him and the time was right, he may play again.


He said: “Never say never. I would record and play with those guys whenever the time came if that’s what they felt like doing. It has to come from them. They’d have to say, ‘Jay, are you still into it?’ And I would be. I’d be there 110 percent for them again.”

Newsted, who is working on a number of other musical projects, took the opportunity to explain further his reasons for his departure.

He continued: “It wasn’t easy to walk away from them. It was like having two of my children taken away from me. The first couple of months were real fucked, and then I slowly came out of my depression and got back on the horse.

“Watch a couple videos from 1990 and it’s not hard to figure out how I damaged myself. I mean, 200 days a year I would give myself full-on whiplash. In 1990, the doctor told me to stop doing that. Well, I did 10 more years of it after that and now I’m kind of in this spot. I can’t perform as the performer people know me as, like a complete psycho. Doing that kind of touring is not in the cards for me right now.”

Metallica are currently resting, but plan to continue recording their new album in the near future.