The band get aggressive on new album...

Metallica‘s new album ‘ST ANGER’, set for release in June, will be “pretty aggressive” according to drummer LARS ULRICH.

He said the band had been unfocused for much of the year-and-a-half recording process, but within the last few months rediscovered their old “heavy, dynamic” style.

Speaking to mtv.com, he explained: “We’ve been a lot of different places musically over the last year and a half, and a couple of months go we sort of came back around to some heavy, aggressive, fast, dynamic, a lot of tempo changes, kind of shit. And that felt really comfortable again. We hadn’t done it for a while. Maybe we were keeping it at bay, whatever. All of a sudden it was like that old pair of shoes you have in the closet that you haven’t worn for a while, but that felt really fucking good to have on again.”


He added: “It’s pretty aggressive, and the people who like that side of us will not be disappointed.”

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