The band, minus a bass player, are joined in the studio by Bob Rock, who produced their eponymous classic in 1991...

METALLICA have now entered the studio, and are working on their new album with producer BOB ROCK.

A brief posting on the band’s official website Metallica entered the Bay Area studio to commence work on their eighth studio album yesterday (April 23).

The as-yet-untitled album is produced by Bob Rock, who has worked on a number of the band’s previous records, including their classic eponymous album from 1991.

It is anticipated the band will look for a new bass player following the departure of Jason Newsted while they continue recording. Speaking previously, mainman James Hetfield said they were in no rush to find a replacement for Newsted, who walked out on the band earlier in the year.

He said: “Obviously before we play any shows, we’re gonna need someone playing bass. But we can still write and record and do some things together. We have a total free-form attitude right now, so we could go any which way we want. It’s a great place to be…

“Right now the three of us are gaining strength – the three of us are getting our shit together and whoever comes into this is gonna have to put up with a lot. We’re really enjoying each other’s company and retouching on things we haven’t connected on in a long time. It’s a fun and healthy time for us.”