The Metallica drummer speaks of the band's delight at the shock news...

Metallica mainman LARS ULRICH has said the band are “elated” with the news that Napster faces shutdown as the reverberations of the injunction against the MP3-trading software provider spread.

The drummer – who had branded Napster as “common looters” while heading up Metallica‘s own lawsuit against them, told Associated Press of the band’s delight and added: “Sharing is such a warm, cuddly, friendly word… this is not sharing, it’s duplicating.”

Earlier this year Metallica threatened to take 300,000 of their own fans to court for trading, what they claimed, were copyright protected tracks.


And the threatened boycott by disgruntled Napster users of any Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)-sanctioned material, (in effect ALL major label releases) reported earlier today on, has already kicked into action.

A dedicated webpage has been established at [url=], where people annoyed by the judgement can log their complaints and list the action they will take. Over 1,500 people have already signed up to join the boycott while Napster is mothballed. They estimate that even with limited numbers to date, the loss in revenue will sting the RIAA over $160,000.

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