Drummer Lars Ulrich reveals the band want to make some changes...

Metallica drummer LARS ULRICH has revealed the band’s new album will embrace an ‘angrier tone’ and will be recorded in a totally new way .

Talking to Reuters, he added that instead of Metallica‘s usual lengthy and meticulous recording process, tracks would be written, mixed and produced in intense bursts.

Lars added: “I want the next album to be harsher and be a little grittier in the sounds and stuff like that, just to be a little harder-hitting.”


He said his group had been inspired to employ the new approach after recording new track ‘I Disappear’ for the ‘Mission: Impossible 2’ soundtrack in just one week. Metallica, currently playing 14 shows across the States, want to replicate the spontaneous technique by writing a few songs and then recording them in a shorter space of time.

“It was really an interesting way of doing it because the energy in the song and the energy in the process, I think became very different than the stuff that has been on all our records, so it had a much more instinctive and spontaneous feel to it,” Ulrich said. He added that the old recording process involved writing 20 or so songs, letting them mature for three months and then recording drum, guitar and vocal tracks for each. “There’s a tendency to very easily become very laboured and very meticulous…where you sit and just worry yourself because you have the time,” he added.

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