The tragedy happens between performances by Kid Rock and Korn at the Summer Sanitarium Festival...

A 21 year-old Metallica fan has fallen to his death at a concert in BALTIMORE.

The man, who local police have identified as Martin Muschette from Danbury, Connecticut, was attending the Summer Sanitarium Festival at the Raven’s Stadium in Baltimore on Tuesday (July 4) at a concert which featured live performances from Metallica, Korn, Kid Rock, System Of A Down and Powerman 5000.

Accoding to US reports, Muschette is said to have fallen from the fifth storey of the stadium at approximately 6.40pm, in between sets by Kid Rock and Korn. His body landed on a pavement outside the stadium, adjacent to one of the main entrance gates.


On arrival at the scene, paramedics took Muschette to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center, but he was pronounced dead soon after.

According to reports on [url=], the police are treating the incident as a “questionable death”, as they are unsure whether Muschette fell over the protective guard rail, or jumped the 80 feet to his death.

Following the incident, Metallica issued a statement via their official website, [url=], which says: “We were notified after the show of the tragedy, and needless to say, we are absolutely devastated. Our sincere thoughts and prayers go out to the victim’s family and friends in their time of grief.

“We have been told that the police are still investigating the situation, and until we know all of the facts surrounding this unfortunate death, any further comment would be purely speculative.”

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis also told [url=] following the accident: “It’s just when you get a group, a large group of people together, something is going to happen. You never know.

“It makes the bands feel bad. I feel horrible…We felt sick, and I’m sure Pearl Jam felt sick and somehow responsible (for the Roskilde tragedy). Us, today, we feel somehow responsible, because if it wasn’t for the show today those people wouldn’t be dead.”


Metallica plan to continue on their current US tour, which resumes tomorrow night (July 7) at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

This latest fatality comes only days after nine people were crushed to death at the Roskilde music festival in Denmark. Yesterday (5 July), a 24 year-old man from Australia was the latest to die as a result of injuries sustained when a crowd surge during a performance by Pearl Jam became critical.

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