Lars Ulrich puts his case against MP3 file-swapping on the Internet...

LARS ULRICH is to testify before the US Senate, which is investigating MP3 file-swapping on the Internet.

The Metallica drummer told [url=] that he would put his case against file-swapping to the committee in Washington in the next two weeks.

He said: “I think that the key thing here is information. I believe that the reason people are saying what they’re saying is only out of sheer ignorance. Whenever I get 20 minutes with somebody, even if they don’t necessarily 100% agree, they can see the positions and they understand the arguments.

There is no argument here. All we want as an artist is a choice. There’s nothing to argue about that. Nobody has the right to do with our music whatever they want. We do. We’re saying, as much as the next band wants to work with Napster, we have the right not to.”

Public Enemy‘s Chuck D has already put his pro-MP3 swapping argument to senate.