MP3.Com is ordered to pay the Universal Music Group #81 million...

Net music site MP3.COM has been ordered to pay #81million to the UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP in a landmark breach of copyright case. had copied CDs into MP3 format and uploaded them onto the site, where computer users with the relevant software were able to download and listen to them.

However, in a New York court yesterday (September 6), Judge Jed Rakoff fined #17,000 for every album that had been copied and uploaded onto the site. It’s the fifth case to be settled against in recent months.

Universal had originally been after #300 million, but Judge Rakoff ordered to pay a smaller amount paid as he felt they had behaved more responsibly than certain other websites, as it made an effort to ascertain that customers already owned the album in question before playing it to them over the web. lawyer Michael Rhodes said afterwards that Universal didn’t deserve the mammoth payout. He added: “There’s not one iota of evidence that they even lost a penny.” We want to know what YOU think.