The Napster battle escalates as Goudie have a go at Fred Durst onstage...

LARS ULRICH protigis GOUDIE have become entangled in their boss’s anti-MP3 battle after taking a swipe at Limp Bizkit‘s FRED DURST.

The most recent signing to Metallica drummer Ulrich‘s LA-based label The Music Company, the band’s frontman Johhny Goudie wore a T-shirt with the words “Fuck You Fred Durst” printed on it to their gig at the city’s Viper Room this week.

Limp Bizkit have taken on Metallica, who are trying to stop their music being downloaded free from the Internet by taking MP3 provider Napster to court.


Napster are sponsoring Limp Bizkit and Cypress Hill on a free, 24-date tour of the States, kicking off on July 4.

Launching the tour, Durst had commented: “We couldn’t care less about the older generation’s need to keep doing business as usual. We care more about what our fans want, and our fans want music on the Internet.” Limp Bizkit have recently been joined in their crusade to preserve MP3 music download sites such as Napster by artists including Courtney Love and Chuck D.

Johnny Goudie later backtracked and said the T-shirt reflected his hate of Durst and “his jock-rock”.

Metallica frontman Lars Ulrich, who was at the gig, refused to comment to on Napster.

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