Plus guitarist Kirk wants to work with Dr Dre, but is it unrequited love?

Metallica, whose new album ‘S&M’, recorded earlier this year with the San Francisco Symphony conducted by Michael Kamen hits the shops on November 22, start streaming the entire album tonight on their website and a number of affiliates.

Metallica have also been speaking to Kerrang! magazine about their next album. Guitarist Kirk Hammett revealed that he wanted Dr Dre – whose ‘2001’ has just been released – to produce the album.

They say that they like what the ex-NWA man did with Eminem, though they aren’t planning to “go hip-hop or anything”.


But when they said the same thing at the MTV Music Awards in 1996, a reporter from MTV told Dre, who retorted: “Well I don’t wanna work with them!”

Their other choice was ex Roxy Music/U2 producerBrian Eno.

The album will be recorded in the summer of 2000 after a six month break.

For more details on the album streaming, check the band’s website.