Lipstick called 'Metallica' infringes our copyright, band claim...

Metallica‘s lawyers today filed a suit against am American lingerie company, Victoria’s Secret, for selling a brand of lipstick called Metallica that, they argue, is an infringement of the band’s copyright.

The suit claims that confusion could arise between the band and the lip-pencil – which the Victoria’s Secret chain have been selling for six months – and have resorted to legal action in the California Courts after the shops refused to withdraw the Metallica lipsticks when Metallica‘s attorneys originally contacted them.

Victoria’s Secret specialises in ‘romantic’ lingerie and accessories – basically it’s not Marks & Spencers but nor is it Ann Summers – and some observers feel that Metallica – whose merchandising includes branded stress-balls – may feel that after their announcement that they will work with a symphony orchestra, fans may get the impression that they have gone completely girly.


Perhaps our American readers can tell us more about Victoria’s Secret and Metallica lipstick: what shade is it? Does it go with crap cap-sleeved black t-shirts? Is it the non-smudge kind with liposomes? Tell us more. Post a message on Angst!

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