Metallica still haven’t finished their new album, which is out in November

James Hetfield says the band are ‘trying to make it the best’

Metallica say they haven’t fully finished their new album ‘Hardwired… To Self Destruct’, despite it having a release date in nine weeks.

The band’s first album since 2008’s ‘Death Magnetic’ is due out on November 18, and they’ve released its semi title track ‘Hardwired’. But singer James Hetfield says they are still making final tweaks to the album.

Hetfield told US radio station 93.3WMMR: “There’s always something: ‘Ah, this is a little too long-winded. Let’s cut this out. Let’s make this a little more potent.’ We’re craftsmen, and we want to make this as sharp and potent as possible. So all the way up to the last minute, even the running order, there’s always something we’re thinking about and trying to make it the best.”


The singer emphasised that the music was essentially finished for the album. But he explained: “It is, by all means, done as far as songs go. So it’s just artwork and little things here and there we’re still working on.”

Hetfield said that ‘Hardwired’, which lasts 3min 18secs, is one of the shortest songs on ‘Hardwired….To Self Destruct.’ He said: “We’ve been known to have long songs, and there are a few of those.”