Lars Ulrich: Metallica will keep going ‘until the day we fall over’

“Mentally we could do this for another 100 years"

Metallica aren’t disappearing any time soon if Lars Ulrich has his way.

The drummer said that the metal group have no plans to call it quits in the near future ahead of their world tour.

“Mentally we could do this for another 100 years,” Ulrich told Rolling Stone. “The only unknown is the physical element of it. If the arms and legs and knees and shoulders and throats and all that stuff, the backs, the necks, if all that stays intact, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to do this for a significant amount of time longer.”


Metallica formed in 1981 and its four members are all in their early 50s.


Ulrich added that the band’s forthcoming tenth studio record, ‘Hardwired … To Self Destruct’ will not be their last.

“I hope we go on making records until the day we fall over,” he told Rolling Stone. “That’s what certainly inspires you and gives you a sense of still being in the game. I certainly respect peers of ours that feel different, but feeling we’ve still got something to say is an important part of feeling vital, feeling confident and feeling good about yourself.”

Last week, Metallica previewed a new song ‘Moth Into Flame’ from their new album.

The eight-year wait since ‘Death Magnetic’ is the longest gap in albums of Metallica’s career, though they also made joint album ‘Lulu’ with Lou Reed in 2011. Part of the reason for the delay is that guitarist Kirk Hammett lost an iPhone with the riffs he’d written for the album.