Scrapped Metallica video game from 2003 was inspired by ‘Mad Max’ and ‘GTA 3’

'Damage Inc: Metallica' never made it out of the development phase

Details about the scrapped Metallica video game, Damage Inc: Metallica, have been uncovered in a new YouTube video.

The Metallica-approved game was being developed in 2003 with the intention of being released on PS2, Xbox and PC by 2005. But the game’s producers, Climax Brighton (more recently known as the now-defunct Black Rock Studio), were unable to complete the project, leading to it being cancelled altogether.

As Digital Spy reports, YouTuber PtoPOnline has managed to uncover a working build of Damage Inc: Metallica that he has run through in a new video upload.

As well as demonstrating what Climax were intending to produce in terms of the gameplay (a post-apocalyptic driving game), PtoPOnline also revealed that the producers cited the likes of GTA 3 and the Mad Max films as creative inspirations for the project.

It also appears from the newly-uncovered footage that Metallica’s sole attachment to the project was the lending of their name to its provisional title – it is unclear whether the band were ever meant to actually feature more prominently in the game.

A combination of problems – including licensing issues and publisher Vivendi’s eagerness to kill the project – meant that the game was never completed.

Watch the full gameplay video below.

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