Metallica promise to play the hits at tonight’s Glastonbury headline show

Following Pyramid Stage debut, Lars Ulrich has set his sights on performing at Superbowl and Academy Awards

Metallica have pledged to play their best-known songs at tonight’s Glastonbury headline set.

Speaking to BBC News before setting off from the USA, Lars Ulrich admitted that the band had not “honed” their setlist for the occasion, but that there were certain tracks that fans can expect to hear.

Ulrich said: “Listen, we have about 70 songs that we rotate, more or less, and can play fairly. We haven’t played the same set list in 10 years – because we have a lot of fans that travel with us and see all 19 shows on a tour. But obviously there are certain cornerstones of a Metallica set list – ‘Nothing Else Matters’, ‘Enter Sandman’, ‘Master Of Puppets’, ‘One’, ‘Sad But True’. It would probably be fairly surprising if most of those didn’t show up at Glastonbury.”

Ulrich also spoke about other gigs on their “bucket list” following their Glastonbury debut. “I think it would be a hoot to play at the Super Bowl. That’s a very big deal, but whether they’d welcome a band like us, I don’t know. When U2 played the Academy Awards a couple of months ago, I sat and said, ‘That could be fun to do one day.'”

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