Metallica defend Glastonbury set: ‘The fact that everybody’s got an opinion means people still care’

The band will be headlining the festival later the month and Lars Ulrich has called the 'hoopla' interesting

Metallica have defended their Glastonbury headline set, with drummer Lars Ulrich saying that the fact that people are debating the slot means “people still care”.

Speaking on Radio 1’s Rock Show, Ulrich commented: “The fact that everyone’s got an opinion I’ll take as a good thing because it means that people still care and are still interested and we still have one foot in relevance of some sort.”

He added: “It’s comforting that 33 years into a career you can still mange to stir it up a little bit. Glastonbury is the biggest, greatest festival on this planet and we’re headlining Saturday night. Bring it on. We’re going to show up and have fun but all the hoopla is interesting.”

The most recent band to criticise Metallica over their upcoming show is Mogwai who dismissed them as being “unbelievably bad.” The Scottish band will headline The Park Stage at Glastonbury on the same night (Saturday) Metallica perform on The Pyramid Stage.

Speaking to Gigwise, the band criticised drummer Lars Ulrich’s technical ability and saying any controversy about their appearance at the festival is because the band are “shite”. “I can’t wait to hear that guy play the drums again – unbelievably bad,” Barry Burns of the band said. “He’s terrible.”

Other artists to pass comment on this year’s Saturday night headliners at the Worthy Farm Festival include Arctic Monkeys, Mick Jagger, Kasabian and Johnny Marr.