Metallica help out tribute band after their equipment is stolen

James Hetfield also recently refused to reveal his opinion on Donald Trump

Metallica have restored all of tribute band Blistered Earth‘s equipment after it was stolen.

The Washington based tribute group were playing in Oregon earlier this month and after the show their trailer, which housed guitars, amps, pedals, and drums, was ransacked.

After Blistered Earth revealed the theft on their Facebook page, Metallica came to their rescue.

“It’s pretty cool that (Metallica) decided to do that. It’s a pretty nice gesture,” drummer and band spokesman Shawn Murphy told Oregon Live.

“The average person wouldn’t realise how common it is or how much of a target a band is when they’re on the road. You’re a stranger in a strange land, basically. People know that and they can take advantage.”

Meanwhile, Metallica frontman James Hetfield recently said that he will keep his thoughts about Donald Trump to himself, arguing in a new interview that politics “separates” people.

The singer’s bandmates have been vocal about their anti-Trump views in recent months. Drummer Lars Ulrich recently criticised Donald Trump’s plans for a Mexico border wall on Mexican TV, while in January, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett hit out at Trump, writing on Twitter: “Pay attention people! Stand up for truth, compassion and togetherness. Don’t settle for anything less. Reject lies, fear-mongering, misguided anger. The system wants us divided, so it’s easier to control us emotionally.”

But Hetfield recently said: “Everyone has an opinion about Donald Trump, I think. My opinion stays with me.” He added: “I’m a singer and guitar player in a rock band. I hate politics. I don’t wanna talk about politics. It’s not important to me. What’s important to me is connecting people with music. Politics, religion… they separate people.”

“If I sit here and say that I hate Trump or I love Trump, someone will think, ‘Oh, I don’t like his music anymore.’ It’s silly. So I like to keep it about music,” Hetfield continued.