Metallica say they have no regrets about their legal battle with Napster

The band sued for copyright infringement back in 2000

Metallica have opened up about their legal battle with Napster, which saw the band sue the file-sharing service for copyright infringement back in 2000.

They asked Napster to take down the entire Metallica catalogue, while also requesting that the users who had downloaded their music – around 330,000 members – be banned from the platform.

Speaking on Swedish TV show Nyhetsmorgon, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett was whether Metallica’s late arrival on streaming sites had negatively affected the band, prompting him to chat about the Napster incident.


“The whole Napster thing – it didn’t do us any favours whatsoever”, he said. “But you know what? We’re still in the right on that – we’re still right about Napster, no matter who’s out there who’s saying, ‘Metallica was wrong’. All you have to do is look at the state of the music industry, and that kind of explains the whole situation right there”.

You can watch the interview below.

The band were recently on tour, covering ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’ during a show.

They covered tunes relevant to the city they’re playing in each night. As part of their set in Norway, they offered up a version of A-Ha’s ‘Take On Me’.


Metallica’s ‘Worldwired’ run concluded in Helsinki last Friday (May 11). They’ll resume touring in North America from September, with the run continuing into 2019.

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