Metallica’s Lars Ulrich says fans can expect “plenty of tributes” to Lemmy in the future

Band plan to play Motörhead covers as tribute

Metallica‘s Lars Ulrich says fans can expect “plenty of tributes” to Lemmy at their future shows.

Lechon Atomico of Mariskal Rock TV conducted an interview with the Metallica drummer before the band’s concert in San Juan, Puerto Rico and asked if fans can expect any Motörhead covers.

“Hopefully. I think everybody knows what a significant role Lemmy played in Metallica’s existence, in my life, the life of the band. Obviously, Motörhead’s music has played a significant part, so I think that that will definitely happen.”

MotörheadAndy Ford/NME

He continued; “There’s a song on the new [Metallica] album called ‘Murder One’ that also is a little bit of a nod in Lemmy’s direction, at least lyrically. So Lemmy is in our hearts and in our souls and in our thoughts all the time, and I’m sure that there’ll be plenty of tributes to him along the way in the next few years.”

Earlier this month, Metallica paid a moving tribute to the late, great Lemmy – hailing the frontman as their ‘captain’.

“I was pretty distraught when he passed,” Hetfield told Kerrang. “My vision of him was as a statue of a man that was immortal. When he passed it scared me, like, ‘where’s our captain now?’ He’s been a godfather to us. There’s no doubt that without him there wouldn’t be a Metallica. When he was around, it just felt like things were going to be okay.”

Hetfield continued: “Death always [brings things into perspective], especially this past year. My God, so many people have passed, iconic figures in music. But it almost did the opposite too. It made us really want to live and enjoy everything we have and soak up every scream from a fan, every sweat bead that flies off us. All the stuff we get to do, for the 35 years we’ve been doing it, it makes us feel super-blessed to still be doing it.”

Metallica released their first new album in eight years ‘Hardwired…To Self Destruct’ on 18 November. Halloween saw the band unveil their new single ‘Atlas, Rise!’ – check it out here.

The day of release saw the band not only head to London’s HMV Oxford Street for a midnight signing with fans, they also played a special, intimate show at the House Of Vans among other ‘special events’.