Metallica’s James Hetfield says the band will tour for at least the next two years

The band released 'Hardwired...The Self-Destruct', their first album in eight years, on Friday (November 18).

Metallica‘s James Hetfield has revealed that the band are planning to tour for at least the next two years.

The band currently have 14 live shows on four different continents listed on their website, taking place between now and April 2017. However, they have yet to announce a full world tour.

“We’ve booked out two years, at least,” Hetfield told Linea Rock. “So, I can’t predict the future, but we start there and hopefully there’s more than that.”

The band released ‘Hardwired…The Self-Destruct’, their first album in eight years, on Friday (November 18). It’s currently competing with Little Mix’s new album ‘Glory Days’ to become this week’s UK Number One.

“And I would like to make some new music sooner than eight years, for sure,” Hetfield added in the new interview. “There’s such a pleasure and a joy of hearing your new music and having other people hear it. So we don’t wanna wait that long.”




Last week, NME exclusively unveiled the video to Metallica’s ‘Spit Out The Bone’, as the band shared a visual clip for each and every track on the album.

The band also performed the ‘Black Album’ classic ‘Enter Sandman’ on kids’ instruments with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots.

Meanwhile, James Hetfield recently discussed what the band’s late bassist Cliff Burton would have thought of their breakthrough ’90s material, which came after his death.

“Well, I certainly would have thought there would have been some resistance, for sure,” said Hetfield. “I think Cliff would have probably interjected some different stuff, getting his bass heard and some more musically challenging things, probably.”

Hetfield has also revealed recently that he is a big fan of Adele, saying: “I love her, she’s unbelievable and blows my mind.”