Metallica’s Kirk Hammett falls on stage after slipping on guitar pedal


Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett took an unfortunate tumble after slipping on a wet guitar pedal during a recent show.

In a close-up video shared by the guitarist himself, Hammett is seen performing his powerful ‘Moth Into Flame’ solo in Milan before the fateful slip saw him falling backwards.

Thankfully Hammett was unharmed and quickly made light of the error as he shared a clip of the fall on Twitter.

“Ummm- I slipped on my wet wah pedal,” said Hammett. “It rained so much I felt like I was playing guitar in the shower. #MetInMilan.”

While Metallica are yet to release the follow-up to 2016’s ‘Hardwired…To Self Destruct’, Hammett recently revealed that the band are making slow progress on their next record.

“When I was 13-14 years old, bands put out albums every year,” Hammett admitted. “Seriously, KISS put out an album every eight months. None of this eight years between albums. None of us are very comfortable with the fact it’s been so long, because that is a long time. We’re hoping to avoid that this time around.

He added: “We’re in our third year since ‘Hardwired’. Maybe we can get a bit more focus and go into the studio a bit sooner. I have a ton of material. I’ve over-compensated, so I’m ready to go anytime.”

Meanwhile, Metallica will return to the UK this summer for shows in Manchester and London.